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As a member of Oval Beauty Clinic Loyalty Card, you will be rewarded with 10£ OFF on your tenth appointment. Request your loyalty card at the reception.


Anti-Stress Massage

50mins £45

Full Body massage
(Soft or medium pressure)

Nothing is better than a Full Body Massage to help you to reduce stress and to re-energise. You will feel completely relaxed and restored after a 50-minute session with our highly experienced therapists.

30mins £35

Half Massage
(Soft or medium pressure)

If you would like to target specific muscle groups and release tension on your back so the Back Massage 30-minute session is the right treatment. It will improve your blood circulation and revitalise you.


Aesthetic Massage

What are the differences between shaping, sculpting and lymphatic drainage massages?

Massage treatments can help you slim down your waist, noticeably improve the beauty of your skin, and contribute greatly to the overall functioning of your body.

But what is the difference between the different kinds of massage?


60mins £60

Body Shaping Massages:

Body Shaping Massages are performed with deep sliding and kneading movements that follow a fast pace. Unlike sculpting massage, Body Shaping Massage is only applied in specific areas, such as the abdomen and the contours of the body. It should be performed once to twice a week.

60mins £60

Body Sculpting Massage:

Often confused with lymphatic drainage, Body Sculpting Massage - also known as Modelling Massage - is recommended for those seeking to reduce fat, and improve the appearance of cellulite. This technique involves firm and fast movements, with greater pressure. Body Sculpting Massage can also help those with inflammation. It should be performed two to three times a week, with at least a one-day interval between sessions.

50mins £55

Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

Used to prevent cellulite and reduce oedema, Lymphatic Drainage Massage is performed with slow sensitive movements and a light touch. This procedure helps to eliminate excess fluid and reduce the swelling that can be caused by venous insufficiency, thyroid problems and the menstrual cycle. For women, this treatment is recommended at least once a week, to reduce the potential build-up of excess fluid.

Although all of these massage techniques have proven benefits, it is important to combine massage treatments with healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle. Practising regular physical exercise and following a nutritious diet are essential aids to maximising the outcome of any massage treatment.




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